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Just about anything you've seen me post on the web is up for sale now, except those done for manufacturers, such as the Dark Sword Dragons and the Reaper pieces. Please feel free to ask for a price on anything you might be interested.

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I Know It's Forbidden - But I Love Him!

Iron Painter 8 Round 4 Entry Theme "Forbidden"

Rita the Robot came to him, The Great Mystic Sorcerer, begging to be united with her true love, Robby the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet. He was pretty sure there were laws against that sort of thing, but he found the proper spell in his Forbidden Magic spell book, and discovered it had suffered damage from his familiar. Once paid for this spell, he was thinking of another he'd use on that familiar of his...he had clearly told him that eating spell books was forbidden!

The Sorcerer is from Reaper, the familiar from Crunch Waffle, the book stand is also from Reaper. The rest is all scratch built and/or sculpted.

Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Love, Forbidden Magic...and a forbidden snack. Theme - quadruple check. The familiar ate the spell book - check. Dandelions - check.

I hope you all enjoy the piece!

Slug Ate My Zombie

Iron Painter 8 Round 5 Entry Theme "It's Alive"

"Doctor McMourning! It's alive!"

"What? I haven't done the experiment yet."

"But look! It's moving!"

"Ah. How interesting. Is that something eating my zombie?"

"Oh! OH! It's a Giant Slug Beast, Doctor!"

"Sebastian, get the rope!"

Starting from the top it's Doc McMourning from Wyrd Miniatures, then his assistant Sebastian, also from Wyrd. Zombie is Games Workshop with some new arms from bits. Slug is "Slug Eat Your Face" a Tom Meier Special Edition sculpt (Thunderbolt Mountain). Base is balsa wood, insulation foam, a Woodland Scenics small tree, and various basing materials.

Currently waiting for judgement for this round. If I make it, I am in the Finals!


Bottle with pewter flat of castle, also painted, that sets into the base and guarded by a dragon.

Now Available

There's Only Three Colors - Auction ends Aug 30, 2012

Iron Painter 8 Round 3 Entry Theme "Only Three Colors"

For Easter, Sophie decided to paint a portrait of her bunny friend, Rabid. Unfortunately, she found she had only three colors: orange, green and purple. She decided to make do, then called in her friends to see. Grumbles the parrot was so upset, he ate the canvas. Rabid was so shocked, he was speechless. Machie, the waggamaeph, stood before the canvas and tried hard not to laugh…

I took this as a challenge to not only use "Only Three Colors" as a technique, but as my theme as well. Thus within the diorama is the story, and the pics show the three colors I used: Ultramarine Highlight, Blood Red, and Pale Saffron (all RMS). White and Black were used to shade and tint, but never used by themselves.

Artist Sophie from Reaper Miniatures comes with easel and blank canvas. Wagg from Crunch Waffle, the rest of the critters from Reaper Miniatures as well. Paint tubes and accessories sculpted by me. Base is mdf painted.

Bad Dog! - Auction ends Aug 30, 2012

This is the "Start Your Engine" entry for Iron Painter 8, Round 1, titled "No, I can’t start your engine, my dog ate it!" It scored high in points and beat its competition by a scant 1/2 point.

Past Sales

The Princess of Purple and Teal - (SOLD - see eBay page)

The Princess of Purple and Teal picks her way up the path, lured by purple posies. The Purple Monster wiggles in wait. Not every posie path leads to adventure, sometimes it just lures to "Lunch". Done for Iron Painter 6, "Purple" theme. The princess is from a sculpting Chick Challenge, I cannot remember if it was a Kev White piece or not. Tentacles and base and flowers are all my own except the bones, which are GW bits. Done in the sacred combination of Purple and Teal, this is a tiny girl, more towards 23mm. Base is foam, so very light for shipping.

Vertigo - (SOLD - see eBay page)

Also done for Iron Painter, this is a conversion on the arms of the Reaper Treeman, with Sophie and her woodland friends playing on a swing. Remember when you were little and you just spun that swing as fast as you could go? All Reaper pieces, worked on at the Reaper Con a couple years ago.

As always the Iron Painter Competition gives you two weeks, a theme, and a single opponent, round after round after round, until the finalists are left to battle it out for the title of Iron Painter. I am Season 6 Iron Painter.

Ramses II - (SOLD - see eBay page)

AndreaMiniatures: 54mm Ramses II, 1301 B.C. Model based on Yul Bryner, painted to match movie and box cover art, I did add a display base as well. 54mm figure. This model received the silver medal award at MMSI Chicago.

Journey to the Gathering - (SOLD - see eBay page)

Elmore Masterworks Set # 4 - Journey to the Gathering by Larry Elmore, this female warrior was painted to match the original Larry Elmore artwork. Please check out the artwork at the Dark Sword Miniatures website. This piece has been used as a class example for a number of years now, so if you have taken a class with me, these may look familiar. 25mm figure

Amazon - (SOLD - see eBay page)

Elmore Masterworks Set # 4 - Amazon (B&W) by Larry Elmore, the amazon was from a black and white sketch done by Larry Elmore. Please check out the artwork at the Dark Sword Miniatures website. This piece has been used as a hair class example for a number of years now, so if you have taken a class with me, these may look familiar. 25mm figure

Valeria Alvaro - (SOLD - see eBay page)

"Valeria Alvaro,the eldest daughter of a Tordoran castellan, broke tradition by abandoning an arranged marriage to a nobleman of an esteemed house for love of another. Slighted, the nobleman, an accomplished pistoleer, killed Valeria's paramour before her eyes. In order to avenge her fallen love, the young Lady Alvaro has single-mindedly taken to the pistol in order to bring her rival low. Her reputation is such that she has earned the nickname 'Lady of the Irons.' " PIP Code:81010 25mm figure

Jehenna - (SOLD - see eBay page)

Jehenna from Reaper Miniatures, undead by moonlight. Worked for a moonlight effect on the highlights, as well as added a display base and skull. Was doing it for the Wyrd Roptten Harvest competition, but didn't make the upload in time.

Cloak and Dagger - (SOLD - see eBay page)

This is the "Cloak and Dagger" entry for Iron Painter 7, Round 3, which uses a Dark Sword Miniatues cloaked female assasin discovering that the GW ratling has stolen the gold already - will she survive to get it back? Watch out!

Dahlia Hallyr and Skarath - (SOLD - see eBay page)

This is the entry for Iron Painter 7, Round 2, Privateer Press Hordes - Dahlia Hallyr and Skarath, Dahlia whistling up some fish from the icy depths and Skarath moving in for ... dinner.