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Iron Painter 8 on the Wyrd Games website, has started with a green flag as Round 1 "Start Your Engine" finished with beating my opponent by only 1/2 point. Closest win, and we were both high in points. As there are a record number of participants this year, Round 1 was grouped by 3's, but just myself and Vidiot showed up in the ring. It was a tough fight, and Vidiot did a truly great job, earning higher scores than many of the winners of other groups. I got lucky and pulled the win out of the hat, so Vidiot is free, and I am trapped in the Iron Painter ring once again.

Round 2, "The Next Step", it's back to one-on-one fights, with "PaintMinion vs Viruk" labeled as the main event! No pressure. I have an interesting idea, already started prepping, and continue my meta themes and plans to not purchase anything for this contest.

My Round 1 entry "No, I can't start your engine, my dog ate it", will soon be up for sale – check it out on the Sales page and put me in your 'watch for' list on eBay!