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7/22/08 - Finished the Final shots for a dragon commission, so check out the Projects Page!

6/10/08 - Having returned from ReaperCon, where I had a blast judging, giving classes and prepping and painting a Diabolus dragon in three days, I can now show off my Masters Entry, the new Reaper Dryad sculpted by Wernber Klocke entitled "Who shot my tree?!" I am now working finishing up commissions and will soon have up a few more pictures and a few more things to sell.

4/19/08 - Pssst! Agent Sophie is now listed on the For Sale Page. Don't let anyone find out, otherwise they might bid on it before you.

3/18/08 - The Projects Page has been updated with a small, seasonal work. Sort of a "rite of spring".

3/14/08 - The For Sale Page has been updated with two minis. Cerci - a Dark Sword Miniature based on the fiction of George RR Martin, and Pirate Queen - a Freebooter Miniature by Werner Klocke. Two different kinds of hotness! How is one to choose? Make it easy on yourself, bid on both.

3/9/08 - The For Sale Page has been updated with the auction for "Knight's Daughter" - a very very small miniature from the Frother's Female Sculpting Contest. She's sooo cute! She's sooo dooomed! Buy her before she's lunch.