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PaintMinion Dragon Diary...

This is the newest of the Dark Sword Miniatures Elmore Dragons line - Set #4 "Strange Companions". It's a blue dragon, and very very nice looking sculpt from Dave Summers. It's very lizard like, with a lizard skin, rather than the dragon plating, and this packs a lot of personality. She's a good dragon, and I hope to do her, and Mr. Elmore, justice!

But first, she's gotta be put together and pinned everywhere!

Here are all the pieces laid out, with the pins done on everything first. Once the pins are ready to go, this piece goes together fast and easy, though it's worth it to take your time and make sure you get a good fit.

I first tackled those wings. Tough in some respects to get a good fit on these. There was only so much bending I wanted to do to make the pieces fit before I mangled the wings, so I opted for a good pin job and using Apoxie Sculp to fill in the gap and make it secure.

Each wing comes in two pieces that come together and form a cupped wing on this dragon. They will carry a lot of abuse, so I've got to get these pretty solid so Jim at dark Sword can pick up the piece by the wings and abuse it when necessary, as well as while I'm painting it and need to handle the beastie at all angles.

I opted for two pins to make sure there was no problem with twisting motion, so after filing a flat area I set my pin points and drilled. I glued the pin on one side, immediately put glue on both pieces and brought them together--gluing in all one step to be sure everything came toegther without glue build up or blobs getting in my way.

Once the wing pieces were together, I let them sit for about an hour to make sure the glue was set well enough for some handling. Time to fill in that gap line. I used Apoxie Sculpt for the first time ( got a sample at Gen Con Indy last year), and boy was it super easy to use! Soft and easy to make small amounts, you can use your finger to force it into the gap for filling, and with just a couple dips in water, you can smooth it out first with a finger and then use tools for a smooth and detailed finish.

I let that sit overnight, then came back and resculpted a bit to smooth out the lines of the wing detail. Then let it sit overnight again. Supercool! Love AS, and I'm using it for all the gap filling, though it takes a few hours to become rock solid. Once it's solid, you can file and smooth it if needed.

Here I've fast forwarded a bit so you can see how I'm putting this beastie together. The head is on the neck, legs on the body, wings together. Small bits onto larger bits, and then those will get put on the torso in the next installment of...DRAGON DIARY!