Paint Minion
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Who is PaintMinion?

I'm Susan Wachowski and have won numerous awards. Among the more notable: 2 Golds from Gen Con 1998, a Bronze from Chicago Games Day Golden Demons, 2009 Iron Painter Season 6 winner on the Wyrd website, and recently a Gold Medal amongst the many Silvers at MMSI Chicago. I paint all sorts of stuff: miniatures of all sizes, resin statues, busts, toys, wedding toppers, and once I even painted a model race car. It was...interesting. I'm open to all genres, including getting into more historical work. More of my pictures can be seen on CMON.

You'll find my work on the box covers of the Dark Sword Miniatures Elmore Dragons and at their convention booth, on the Thunderbolt Mountain site and convention booth, as well as on Reaper’s website and warehouse. I sell most of my work at shows and on eBay occasionally. I also do commission work from all over the globe.

You can see my work at Gen Con Indy, Reaper Con, and the MMSI Chicago Show, among a few other places now and then. I also try to do something for the Privateer Press competition at Gen Con, and participate in Iron Painter Contest on the Wyrd Miniatures website.

I developed the Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hobby Events (MHE), which now includes a Competition, Paint & Take, over 150 classes, Speed Paint Arena, and the Aces Charity Speed Paint & Auction that has raised over $5,000 over it’s 1st 10 years. I was Coordinator for many years, but have stepped back now because of health and family priorities. I help however I can, and also teach classes for feathering and glazes, hair, and working with dragons, both prep and painting. I'm happy to meet folks and chat at Gen Con and you'll still find me generally hanging out at the Competition Table, and Aces on Friday night at 6:30.

I am the Chief of IMMPS (Illinois Miniature and Model Painters Society) which gathers almost every Friday in the Chicago suburbs. It's a friendly group of people getting together to paint and chat and share. Space is limited so let me know you want to join us--check out IMMPS on Yahoo Groups.

I have dealt with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and am now in remission over a year. Anyone else facing cancer, and in need of advice or a friendly ear, please feel free to contact me and I'm happy to help all I can.

General Advice: Always wear a professional mask when spraying, don't lick your brushes in any manner, and if you have paints older than 5 years, please consider getting rid of them and starting with new ones that are much better for you.